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Fall is my favorite.  For me, it's the start of something.  It's the beginning, doesn't it feel that way?  Sure, our New Year comes in January (and I love that too!) but fall is where the real work begins.  I suppose that would go back to our hunter and gatherer days, right?  In the fall we harvest and hunt to fill the larder for the winter.  Man, I love the Little House books and all the preparations and description.  But- you're not going to find me in the fields foraging, there's too much nature in there for this indoor cat.

Where you WILL find me, is prepping my home though.  I feel the call of autumn in the need to put up decorations, deep clean behind and under the furniture, cull the things we no longer seem to need, bake more and freeze more meals, stock up on the gems of harvest like apples and pumpkins.  I feel a deep need to make sure there is something simmering and Purifying Essential Oil (yes, the Norwex one) diffusing in my water diffuser in the living room.  The clove, cinnamon smell makes me feel so cozy in our home.  I add a drop of Energizing too for a touch of orange.  Is anything more home-y than orange and cinnamon?!

At any rate, Fall in the air here in New Hampshire has me shrinkwrapping my life.  *but not real shrink wrap because single use plastic is the #1 contributor to ocean pollution*  Less is happening outdoors and all the outdoor aspects of our home are being cleaned and stored so we can all converge inside for more nights around the dinner table, more board games, more movie nights.  

Autumn is the best because it closes the perimeter of our lives down to what really matters.  Family.



You can find the essential oils here if you're interested in smelling Fall with me:
Purifying: Here
Energizing: Here