Be the Boss

If you see me on Instagram (@courtneysparklespears) then you know I hashtag #betheboss all the time.  I think it's the best option for being able to create your destiny!  When you work for yourself, you can create the paycheck.  You can create the work schedule.  You can create your coworkers!  

You also have to be the one that creates the desire.  That means that even when I'm traveling, I'm working.  Even when I'm at the soccer field, I'm working.  Even when I'm visiting family, I could be working.  The trick is to put up clear boundaries in your schedule of when you're going to just turn it off and be fully present.  

I don't bring my phone to the bedroom and sleep with it on my nightstand, I leave my laptop home when it's a family trip.  I check my messages in a few scheduled times during the day and I have work hours that can change depending on my schedule that day, but that are set and then I shut the lid on the laptop and I'm off to my life.  BECAUSE THAT'S WHY BEING THE BOSS ROCKS!!  I get to live my life 100%!!

If you have the opportunity (you can join me!) to be your own boss and be able to script your life and your paycheck- Do It!  Go for it!  Life is for living and if you can find a business of your own that makes a change in the world, makes your home a happier place, lets you sleep with a content heart- run for it.  My kids have experienced a fully present mom- who ALSO can afford to take them to Disney, travel, and experiences.
In short #betheboss