14 Weeks of Christmas

Week TWO of 14 Weeks of Christmas is here already!  Today I have a gift idea that flies under the radar at most parties!  It's a gift that new moms, busy moms, working moms, overachieving moms... and you know, other people, would Love!

The silicone cup lids come in a pack of four.  Four little gems to hand out all at once or to divvy among your friends.  Why do I think it's the heavy hitter for moms?  Ever drink a cold coffee?  Or realize you're late to get the kids to ________ (Insert ANY of the ridiculous number of things kids need you to chauffeur them to) and have to run out the door but your coffee cup is not a travel mug?

Yeah, these little darlins attach to the top of your coffee cup to help insulate that beautiful brew and keep the steam in, keeping your coffee hot long past the time you forgot you poured it and go back to reheat the lifeblood.  Only to discover IT'S STILL HOT!  Miracle upon miracle!

Or how about the run-out-the-door?  Pop the cup lid on and it seals the edge of all my coffee cups to make an instant travel mug!

I mean, if you're fancy it can also be used in the oven on a ramekin.  Who has time for ramekins?  I'm kidding, I LOVE a ramekin but back to coffee.  First the coffee, then I do the things, right?

Added bonus: these heavy hitters also cover your wine glass to keep bugs out AND your favorite rum punch can be covered but the stainless steel straws can fit through the hanging hole to make it accessible to you, but not accessible to the yellow jacket who wants to hide in there and sting you when you're drinking.  Just say no to yellow jacket lip injections, it's not a good look.

If I haven't convinced you that you need these yet, you can also use them in other ways, like this time I kept chocolate cake from touching lasagna so I didn't need to wash two containers after school lunch.  #momwin #allday

You can buy the lids here:  SILICONE CUP LIDS
and the stainless steel straws you also need here:  WONDER STRAWS