Leap Into the Unknown

I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom for most of my adult life.  When I got my dream come true I didn't realize what I was giving up to give my all.  It was worth it, kids are always worth it; but I have a degree, a brain, a passion for the planet and people.  I didn't use a lot of those skills between singing nursery songs and changing cloth diapers.

Enter Norwex.  I signed up just to be able to get a BIG FAT discount (did I mention the pay isn't good as a mom either?) on all the products I wanted.  Then I did my first party and I remembered how fun being in a group of adult women really was, and I had a substantial $200 to show for a night of laughs.  Money that was mine!?  It was an incredible validation in my life.  I had value!  I was valuable.

A few months, a few friends joined me, and I was a leader- I made a little more money and had a #squad.  My own little tribe of like-minded superwomen.  We were making a difference in the world and at home.  I was able to sign the kids up for field trips, museum passes, amusement parks, karate, soccer, basketball.  I could pay for a date night with my husband.  I could buy sentimental Christmas gifts for my family, like a Disney park pass for my mom.  I wasn't just able to upgrade OUR already fantastic life (my husband works hard and provides such a great home!!) but I was able to upgrade the lives of those around me.

I couldn't have told you that this little cleaning business was going to have such an empowering impact on my life, but if I could go back and give myself some advice 6 years ago it would be to close your eyes, jump in, and really press in.  This company is changing lives, and it started with mine.