Why Conference Matters to the World

Another Norwex conference has come and gone and it was all about the details.  It's always all about the details for me.  

I think a lot of companies can sell a "green" product.  They can tout their safer choices and be able to entice you with green leaves and water droplets.  The company can have encouraging photos of happy people using their better products to make your life a better life.  But do they change the world?  (Do they even lift, bro?)

Our nametags were (once again this year) printed on compost paper with wildflower seeds embedded inside.  Come home and plant your nametag for a beautiful way to remember your conference.

There were no water bottles offered but rather fresh, iced water was put in large dispensers at the entrance to each event.  Encouraging everyone to drink more water, use a mug, and not contribute to the gyres.

A new foundation was started to give back more money, ever more money, to charities nominated by consultants.  The Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future will give over $200,000 worldwide this year.  A trend that was started when our company was not experiencing large profits but rather felt it was important to give back regardless. (Give generously, give often).

The gift bags given to all consultants (Holla!  Free product and fun presents!) were all made from recycled paper!  Further reducing the impact of our crazy great conference!

I bet there were many things that I didn't notice (hey, shout them out if you saw one!) but I am not surprised.  This company is not about selling a cloth and making a dollar.  It never has been.  And guess how many times the company stated our profits for the year?  None.  Guess how many times they explained the global impact our individual choices had on the world?  Hundreds.

It's about a mission to make a huge change by making a small choice to clean with microfiber and water.  It's about YOU matter.  You can change the entire course of environmental concerns with minimal fuss, every blessed day.  It's about Be The Change.  I wish you could all come with me, but until then, come be the change with me today!