Men Are Better In The Boardroom, Women Are Better In The...


Living Room.  Why, what were you thinking??  There are a ton more women in direct sales, loads of them making large salaries, working from Bali, and being genuinely happy with their lives.  I'll let you in on this Girl's Club secret.

It's not like we have a "No Boys Allowed" sign on the outside of the doors but I have noticed that direct sales seems to bring in the women in droves.  Why?  Why is selling something door to door {well, wine glass to wine glass} such a gal pal gang?  Because we create the power here.

I'll tell you that I'm not necessarily a "feminist" although I want the right to vote and I think equal pay for equal work shouldn't have to be stance, but rather a given.  I AM a feminist in that I think women are strong and capable, citizens, and able-minded in the same capacity as men are.  Which is to say, we're all a little nuts.

Yet in Norwex, I can create my version of success.  I can craft my team.  I can define work hours, vacation time, and sick days.  I can, for all intents and purposes, largely negate the reasons why women have a reportedly harder time rising in industry.  I'm broaching a hot topic, but I'm a renegade like that.

My opinion is that women are not kept out of the "boy's club" because the boys don't want them there, they are kept out because they tend to take time off for maternity leave, need hours that allow for flexibility to deal with family schedules, and don't devote blind faithfulness to a career.  (Is any of what I'm saying an absolute?  Absolute-ly not! <-- see what I did there?)

In Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In, she talks about experiences in high levels of management where women self-select the back row rather than sitting at their earned positions at the table.  In short, women need to LEAN IN to the meetings and force their spot as their male peers (perhaps) more naturally do.

It's easier to be successful in an industry where you make the rules.  Of course I can be top of the pay grade, because I decide what the structure looks like.  And you know dang well that I'm choosing the parameters based on what I like to do.  Ergo, I'm successful. (10 pts to me for the responsible use of "ergo")

When you write the test, you're going to ace it.  Just one more reason you should #betheboss