September Came in Like A Wreeeecking Baaalllll

Can you picture me in men's underpants on a wrecking ball?  No??!  Yeah, me neither.

Yesterday, the hostess and customer specials for September 2017 were released and I actually took the time to go grab each item and take a picture.  (Short: I decided to do my job) (Slightly longer: Can you believe Norwex gives me every product for free so I had them all in hand already?!)

It's a LOT of stuff!  And two COMPLETE basic packages mean you have one for your house and one to give away.  Or two for your house.  You can be selfish, I won't tell.

The kitten pet-to-dry is also a great addition to the package since you have a kid going to school, or know a kid going to school (aka the petri dish of childhood) and that pet-to-dry is going to dry hands while also grabbing some junk that they "forgot" to wash off thoroughly.  (yay!  Boogers don't have to transfer from kid to kid all year).  Then the towel self-purifies with the silver inside!  (Yay!  Boogers don't have to get your kid sick all year!).

There's a bunch of other great ish in this package that make good gifts and good refills for your home.  Yeah: I'm looking at you two body packs.  I'm

The moral of the story is: you can buy some great Norwex as a customer but hostesses are the best deal on the market since the whole lot is free.  And I love free.  Here are the prettier views: