What the Oceans have to do with You


I'm sorry for the things I said yesterday about throwing glitter in the lake.  Just kidding, I'm never sorry about throwing glitter- just ask the girls on my Norwex team!  Or, any of my recent customers.  I add glitter to nearly every thing I mail.  

But there are so many things going into the ocean that effect the wildlife and our life- the two are so entwined.  In an article from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they were quoted as saying:

 "When we think of public health risks, we may not think of the ocean as a factor. But increasingly, the health of the ocean is intimately tied to our health."

While I don't have a lot of control over the large ocean oil spills, I CAN have an impact in the amount of things that get flushed into waterways from my home.  I know you have likely wondered what you can do to make a change on the environment, and it feels crushingly ethereal.  (how's that for descriptive language?!)  Yet, there is SO.MUCH. you can effect from your own pin on the map.

Using the Norwex microfiber has allowed me to get rid of all the sprays, powders and gels I previously used to clean.  Ironically, using just water to clean my house, could save the water for my kids.  We are as tied to the water as the fish- help protect it.  Change the climate inside your house and change the climate forever.

In the immortal words of Michael Jackson: "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change."