There are SO many women that are too modest to say when it's their birthday because the next logical question is "what birthday is it?" and I suppose that's a delicate question.  Not for me, friends, not for me!  I'm 34 today!  (and so young looking!)

More importantly, a birthday is a time to be grateful that you've made another trip around the sun.  I'm healthy, well, happy, blissfully married, joyfully (a sold 85% of the time) mothering, and blessed beyond measure.  I'm not talking fake snapchat #blessed ✌️ kind of blessed, like genuine blessed.  Where I want to lay facedown and spend the whole day thanking God for this life.  Because who knows how many more days I have (hopefully a ton) and how many will have this much happiness (I pray all of them).

As my birthday wish, I implore you to take more pictures with yourself in them.  Double chin, love handle, red pimple, bad haircut- take the damn picture!  Because you are YOU in this moment.  You could lose 50 lbs, gain 50 lbs.  You could lose a limb...or gain one.  You could have a terrible haircut, lose your hair, dye it blonde.  Regardless of what tomorrow brings, take the picture, you'll always be glad you have it, and I daresay, your children and husband or wife, mother or father, favorite cousin who looks just like you-- they want that picture too.

So today I will throw glitter, eat cake in bed, take my children out for every meal if I choose, or spend the whole day at the beach throwing (marine-life safe) glitter {{It's a thing, but CAUTION: nudity on the page! }} while doing handstands in the waves.  Because that's how to live your life to the fullest in my opinion.

Wish me a happy birthday by sending me a selfie, perfect imperfections and all!  I want to see the YOU you are now, today, on my 34th birthday!!