I'm Courtney, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.  I'm also a Senior Executive Sales Leader.  I like saying that because if you could see my REAL life, it's not that prestigious.


I'm a housewife and mom of two boys.  I started this little Norwex side hustle in 2011 because I needed to get out of the dang house (can I get an Amen?).  I needed to hang out with women after being in a house of all guys.  I needed an income that was mine.  

Norwex found me at a time when I was already searching for a cleaner, greener alternative to the chemicals that I felt were prolific in our house.  How can a Mama keep her babies safe when the products that surround us aren't safe?  I ran headlong into the mission of saving the planet, and the babies, and MY MOTHER FREAKING SANITY.  

Welcome to Courtney Cleans.  It's about to get real.



Never let anyone dull Your Sparkle.