September Came in Like A Wreeeecking Baaalllll

Can you picture me in men's underpants on a wrecking ball?  No??!  Yeah, me neither.

Yesterday, the hostess and customer specials for September 2017 were released and I actually took the time to go grab each item and take a picture.  (Short: I decided to do my job) (Slightly longer: Can you believe Norwex gives me every product for free so I had them all in hand already?!)

It's a LOT of stuff!  And two COMPLETE basic packages mean you have one for your house and one to give away.  Or two for your house.  You can be selfish, I won't tell.

The kitten pet-to-dry is also a great addition to the package since you have a kid going to school, or know a kid going to school (aka the petri dish of childhood) and that pet-to-dry is going to dry hands while also grabbing some junk that they "forgot" to wash off thoroughly.  (yay!  Boogers don't have to transfer from kid to kid all year).  Then the towel self-purifies with the silver inside!  (Yay!  Boogers don't have to get your kid sick all year!).

There's a bunch of other great ish in this package that make good gifts and good refills for your home.  Yeah: I'm looking at you two body packs.  I'm

The moral of the story is: you can buy some great Norwex as a customer but hostesses are the best deal on the market since the whole lot is free.  And I love free.  Here are the prettier views:

Men Are Better In The Boardroom, Women Are Better In The...


Living Room.  Why, what were you thinking??  There are a ton more women in direct sales, loads of them making large salaries, working from Bali, and being genuinely happy with their lives.  I'll let you in on this Girl's Club secret.

It's not like we have a "No Boys Allowed" sign on the outside of the doors but I have noticed that direct sales seems to bring in the women in droves.  Why?  Why is selling something door to door {well, wine glass to wine glass} such a gal pal gang?  Because we create the power here.

I'll tell you that I'm not necessarily a "feminist" although I want the right to vote and I think equal pay for equal work shouldn't have to be stance, but rather a given.  I AM a feminist in that I think women are strong and capable, citizens, and able-minded in the same capacity as men are.  Which is to say, we're all a little nuts.

Yet in Norwex, I can create my version of success.  I can craft my team.  I can define work hours, vacation time, and sick days.  I can, for all intents and purposes, largely negate the reasons why women have a reportedly harder time rising in industry.  I'm broaching a hot topic, but I'm a renegade like that.

My opinion is that women are not kept out of the "boy's club" because the boys don't want them there, they are kept out because they tend to take time off for maternity leave, need hours that allow for flexibility to deal with family schedules, and don't devote blind faithfulness to a career.  (Is any of what I'm saying an absolute?  Absolute-ly not! <-- see what I did there?)

In Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In, she talks about experiences in high levels of management where women self-select the back row rather than sitting at their earned positions at the table.  In short, women need to LEAN IN to the meetings and force their spot as their male peers (perhaps) more naturally do.

It's easier to be successful in an industry where you make the rules.  Of course I can be top of the pay grade, because I decide what the structure looks like.  And you know dang well that I'm choosing the parameters based on what I like to do.  Ergo, I'm successful. (10 pts to me for the responsible use of "ergo")

When you write the test, you're going to ace it.  Just one more reason you should #betheboss

In Honor of Shark Week (an ode to scary killers)

I'm a scaredy cat.  It's true.  I read once that sharks have been known in rare cases to adapt to freshwater and get into lakes, they are no longer safe.  And deep ocean water?  Forget it!  God calls us to the deep, scary waters of our lives, right?  I'm over here hoping He walks across the water to come meet me on the shore where I'll be building Him a great sandcastle. 

Back to Jaws, turns out this nightmare is important for the world.  To be serious a minute, every animal plays a part in the roles around them, but sharks are particularly important to the economy of my hometown (shoutout Bath, Maine!) because without sharks, rays increase in number, who in turn kill more scallops <<not the delicious scallops you murderer!!!>> and quahogs and clams.  Which means no more clam chowder and fried scallops in my life!

While movies have increased the scare factor of sharks and media coverage of tragic shark encounters abounds, your risk of being bitten by a shark is lower than being hit by a car, being killed while on your bike, being struck by lightning, or having an accident with fireworks.  In fact, sharks have much more to fear in humans due to the harvesting of their dorsal fins for shark fin soup.  A delicacy that was once rare in Asia, but with rising incomes the soup is becoming commonplace and the hunting of sharks in rising with the economy.

Without sharks, the next predator in line gets a chance to wreak havoc on the balance of the ocean.  So, while you won't see me diving with sharks on my next vacation- I will grudgingly respect them, from afar. Afarfar

More on sharks and the ecosystem here:  Sharks and More Sharks



Louis Vuitton and saving the World

I know, it's an awful dichotomy, right?  On the one hand, I think consumerism is creating a lot of waste.  Particularly ocean waste (I'm really on an ocean kick I guess, must be shark week!).  Remember that blog I wrote where I said my family mocks me saying "Did you know that single use plastic is the #1 contributor to ocean pollution?" because that is a mantra I say all.the.time.  It's so true though, the things we buy have a tremendous impact on the world around us.

Gone are the days when an item came wrapped in brown paper packages tied up with string (bonus points if you sing that sentence), now purchases come in plastic molded to the shape of the gift, with plastic ties to keep it in place, inside of a plastic box with enticing pictures and words in bright colors and when you've chosen your item and are checking out, guess what the wrapping at the door is!!  Plastic bags!

Further complicating matters is that there are few alternatives, so even discerning consumers are really up a creek with options.  What does this have to do with Louis Vuitton?  Well, I mean, they wrap things in cardboard and paper... but no, that's not where I'm going.

See, I love designer handbags.  It's very oxymoronic to the life I live, but I love them.  I love the slouchy canvas and the smell of leather.  I love the way it makes me feel special to see the bag sitting in the entryway.  While I live my whole life in yoga pants and bare feet- my bags are a way to tell the world, "I sort of care about fashion, a little."

I also think designer handbags are atrociously silly and extremely wasteful.  {I'm a real mixed bag, get it?  BAG!  Oh wait, that also could mean I'm a witch, but actually I guess that works too so we'll go with it.}  So I buy my handbags on eBay, The RealReal, Tradesy, and Yoogi's Closet.  For $15 I have them authenticated by a third party.  I pay TONS less money for the bag, I worry less about getting a mark on it because it's already marked, AND I'm not contributing to the world's waste on such a large scale.

Is this rationale going to stop the 127 schoolbusses worth of plastic drinking straws from entering the landfill?  No, I use my stainless steel straw from Norwex for that.  Click Here.

But it's a compromise I feel comfortable with to be able to have those lovely gems of luxury in my otherwise quite boring closet.  <3


What the Oceans have to do with You


I'm sorry for the things I said yesterday about throwing glitter in the lake.  Just kidding, I'm never sorry about throwing glitter- just ask the girls on my Norwex team!  Or, any of my recent customers.  I add glitter to nearly every thing I mail.  

But there are so many things going into the ocean that effect the wildlife and our life- the two are so entwined.  In an article from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they were quoted as saying:

 "When we think of public health risks, we may not think of the ocean as a factor. But increasingly, the health of the ocean is intimately tied to our health."

While I don't have a lot of control over the large ocean oil spills, I CAN have an impact in the amount of things that get flushed into waterways from my home.  I know you have likely wondered what you can do to make a change on the environment, and it feels crushingly ethereal.  (how's that for descriptive language?!)  Yet, there is SO.MUCH. you can effect from your own pin on the map.

Using the Norwex microfiber has allowed me to get rid of all the sprays, powders and gels I previously used to clean.  Ironically, using just water to clean my house, could save the water for my kids.  We are as tied to the water as the fish- help protect it.  Change the climate inside your house and change the climate forever.

In the immortal words of Michael Jackson: "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change."



There are SO many women that are too modest to say when it's their birthday because the next logical question is "what birthday is it?" and I suppose that's a delicate question.  Not for me, friends, not for me!  I'm 34 today!  (and so young looking!)

More importantly, a birthday is a time to be grateful that you've made another trip around the sun.  I'm healthy, well, happy, blissfully married, joyfully (a sold 85% of the time) mothering, and blessed beyond measure.  I'm not talking fake snapchat #blessed ✌️ kind of blessed, like genuine blessed.  Where I want to lay facedown and spend the whole day thanking God for this life.  Because who knows how many more days I have (hopefully a ton) and how many will have this much happiness (I pray all of them).

As my birthday wish, I implore you to take more pictures with yourself in them.  Double chin, love handle, red pimple, bad haircut- take the damn picture!  Because you are YOU in this moment.  You could lose 50 lbs, gain 50 lbs.  You could lose a limb...or gain one.  You could have a terrible haircut, lose your hair, dye it blonde.  Regardless of what tomorrow brings, take the picture, you'll always be glad you have it, and I daresay, your children and husband or wife, mother or father, favorite cousin who looks just like you-- they want that picture too.

So today I will throw glitter, eat cake in bed, take my children out for every meal if I choose, or spend the whole day at the beach throwing (marine-life safe) glitter {{It's a thing, but CAUTION: nudity on the page! }} while doing handstands in the waves.  Because that's how to live your life to the fullest in my opinion.

Wish me a happy birthday by sending me a selfie, perfect imperfections and all!  I want to see the YOU you are now, today, on my 34th birthday!!

Hooray! My son is allergic to sunscreen~

Most people wouldn't be grateful that their child is allergic to anything, but I have to tell you: I'm overjoyed that Xander is allergic to toxic sunscreen.  He was getting hives on his neck and chest from the time he was a toddler from any spray sunscreens and any "normal" sunscreen made him itchy and rash filled.

It was "-benzone".  Before Norwex, before I became an eco-queen (j/k I only know a little bit even now) I did some google research about why my child, who is seemingly not allergic to anything at all, would be breaking out in hives every time I applied any sort of sunscreen and the word benzone kept popping up.  Here is an article that I find helpful:

So I went on the hunt to find a sunscreen that would not cause rashes AND that would not cause cancer.  The one that we have used for forever was Aveeno mineral block baby, basically just zinc and it made my kids bright white.  But it worked and we loved it.  Last year we tried the Arbonne sunscreen and while we liked it, the price point is high and we went through two tubes that summer.  But we make the money to have the best quality of life for our kids, so I bought the sunscreen with joy.

This year, I forgot our special sunblock at home in NH and came to visit family in Maine and kids wanting to be outside (can you believe that?) so I had to run to Target to see what I could find and I found this Pacifica SPRAY sunscreen!!  Listen, you still have to rub it on to the kids but it's still a time saver, especially when I have to wrestle them like a wet seal between running and swimming.  It's like trying to put sunscreen on one of these:

Water Wigglers: kids of the 90s rejoice!

Water Wigglers: kids of the 90s rejoice!

Still, I'm a big fan of the spray and the only active ingredient is zinc oxide so I am SUPER pleased!  Here are some images to help you find it.  Again, I bought mine at Target.  I went in to only buy this sunscreen and ended up with $124 in products, so...beware!

Happy Birthday, Norwex!

23 years ago a company started that would meet me nearly 6 years ago, make me a leader 3 years ago, and match my highest income ever earned this year.

Thank you to Bjorn Nicolaisen for agreeing to see the cloths in action in the middle of his busy day as a lawyer in Norway, and thank you to Debbie Bolton for seeing that there was a whole world of possibilities woven in the fibers of that little envirocloth.

My world has been forever better because of they and several other pioneers, namely the amazing team around me, that have turned a cleaning rag into the symbol of our commitment to save the planet.

Happy Birthday, little cloth.  Today, I toast to you!

Norwex Co-Founder, Bjorn Nicolaisen

Norwex Co-Founder, Bjorn Nicolaisen

Norwex Co-Founder, Debbie Bolton

Norwex Co-Founder, Debbie Bolton

Our senior leadership team for Team Synergy

Our senior leadership team for Team Synergy

The woman who introduced Debbie to Norwex's envirocloth, Gerd Doroshuk

The woman who introduced Debbie to Norwex's envirocloth, Gerd Doroshuk

The sunburn: day eight.

I was an idiot and somehow decided that the sun would not burn me if I was only sitting outside on a cloudy day.  Famous last words.  I'm such an advocate for keeping yourself slathered in sunscreen and protecting against the sun's rays and melanoma gambling.

This burn was so bad that for two days after, I was in agony.  I wiped it repeatedly through the day with apple cider vinegar (don't ask me, I don't know, my great-grandmother always told me to do it and I'm a fan of old wives tales.)  I kept applying straight aloe from my aloe vera plant AND I kept applying Norwex's Aloe Vera Face and Neck gel- yes, to my legs and shoulders.  I'm a renegade! (

I use this gel as a moisturizer in the summer before applying sunscreen.  I use it as a primer before makeup (yay dual duty) AND I definitely use it when I have gotten too much sun.  Please avoid too much sun, I'm here to tell you, it's not worth it.

As this sunburn has progressed to this scale-like skin shedding that I'm currently experiencing (sexy, eh?), I'm SO grateful that the aloe is keeping me from being itchy.

So, PSA, the sun burns people.  Especially super-brilliant-white people.  Especially indoor-loving-neon-porcelain-white people like me.  God help me if this had been my stomach, which has not seen a UV ray since 2007.

Sunburn day 1

Sunburn day 1

sunburn day 8

sunburn day 8

Oh, but what if you fly

Do you know there are hundreds of types of fear, there are even websites dedicated to describing every type of fear a human can have.  I have a theory though, that one fear reigns supreme.

Fear of Failure.

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you're right."  And I believe him.

You don't have to see the ending to have a great beginning.  Sometimes people get themselves so caught up in the "what-ifs" or the "maybes" that they are missing all the great opportunities of the world because you weren't brave enough to just jump on in and give it a try.  This month, the try is free.  For six more days, you can become a consultant with a $10 shipping charge.  There is no catch.  There are no hidden fees.  Literally, $10.  I leave you with this amazing quote, because this is your moment.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”- Benjamin Mee

Eleven days left

Most people join the team and pay $10 and agree to do the equivalent of 4 regular parties in three months.  They get to keep the $300 in products that come in the kit (including the rad mop!) if they do that.  Never having to pay another dollar AND netting $700 in free products and $700 in income.

I signed up skeptically.  Worried that maybe I didn't have what it takes.  Worried that I would have to pay $200 if I wasn't successful.  And we did NOT have $200 if I blew this chance.  
I blew that goal out.of.the.water.  Hitting my $2,000 in sales in just 5 weeks.  To be honest, most people on the team hit their goal in under 2 months too.

Then Norwex went and changed the game for just 11 more days.  Eleven.  You pay $10 shipping and then YOU'RE A CONSULTANT.  You don't have to agree to any sales requirements.  You can just try it on like a jacket and see if it fits.  Like a red jacket, maybe.

You'd be silly to miss this opportunity if you've ever considered having a side hustle that saves the environment.  I can't think of anything more noble than reducing toxins, potentially slowing cancer statistics, helping improve skin and breathing and electricity.  And hey, the awesome friendships are a fun side effect of being a mother.freaking.super.hero.

It's the best $10 you'll ever spend.

Working From a Basement

Sure, there are downsides to working from a concrete square.  There are only two small windows down here and I can only see my plants.

There are a lot of trains down here with me.  The air in the summer can best be summed up with the word "damp".  The hum of the dehumidifier fills my ears.  And my kids are always down here with me running and jumping on the couches.

The HUGE upside to working from down here is that it is COLD.  Like, close to frigid.   I have a blanket on my lap in this sweltering heat.  It is peaceful and cool.  Serene (ish, I mean, the kids, remember) and organized.  I have set a clear perimeter to my office and made several threats about entering the confines unless you are working.

{{Bonus- my kids are still small enough to WANT to work for me and for peanuts too.  Well, ice cream and peanuts.  Well, Pokemon cards, ice cream, and peanuts but still}}

I love to set my own schedule that follows the flow of our summer adventures.  We can go to the beach, have a water gun fight, hit up an arcade, and then head down into the coolness of the basement to refresh and have a drink while I can bang out a bunch of work that I leave intentionally open on my desk at all times.  {thus, the perimeter of forbidden passage}

If you work from home, I implore you to find a sanctuary for your space too.  A cluttered mind is ineffective.  Go make yourself SUPER effective!  My desk is build of a closet door we no longer used sitting on two wooden filing cabinets and it's perfect!  Large, flat, and cheap.  Like m....nevermind.

The Wild West has Begun

Summer break starts today.  It's just me and a couple of hooligans for the next two months.  And by the looks of this ornery pair, it'll be a showdown soon.

It's true, being a stay at home mom with school-aged kids can be a lot of hanging out with my friends, naps by the glow of Netflix, and quiet hours spent reading.  I mean, I also have to sling food and scrub things but I have long stretches of time to just catch up on grooming.  And listen, being a light skinned, dark haired, German girl means I have a LOT of grooming to do.  

But the summer?  Yeah, that's a different adventure entirely.  While there are brawls daily (I mean, my kids don't actually get physical but there is a lot of verbal sparring.) and there is So MUCH boredom.  Entitled kids from the suburbs, it's hard to be them, ya know?  "All we ever do" is go to the beach, ride our bikes, and have bonfires.  Poor children.

The flip side is that I get all the snuggles, rainy movie days with popcorn, long afternoons watching my kids conquer swim strokes and holding their breath.  I get sweaty hugs and I get to feel their still-tiny bones when I put sunscreen on.  I have a job that lets me take the whole summer off to really be present with my kids and I am eternally grateful.  They get bigger by the minute and in this summer when they will be 7 and 9, I am rejoicing for the OK Corral and getting to be the Sheriff to these little cowpokes.

It's colored water at a photo studio doing Old Timey pictures.  He has NO idea what it is but the picture made me laugh.  Don't judge me.  He is NOT holding whiskey.  I would never share my whiskey.

It's colored water at a photo studio doing Old Timey pictures.  He has NO idea what it is but the picture made me laugh.  Don't judge me.  He is NOT holding whiskey.  I would never share my whiskey.

Three More School Lunches

The countdown to the end of the year has begun and I'm counting in things like school lunches, backpacks I have to pickax through to find forms, and naps I'm going to miss soon.

I do love the summer time with them home but I don't like summer.  I know, you can hate me.  I live in the right place at least!  I love fall, winter, spring, summer.  In that order.  There are only so many clothing items you can take off before you realize you're still hot and out of options.  In the winter you can pile more and more clothes on...and you're expected to stay indoors more.  Yeah- I'm an indoor cat.

We do live with a private beach across the street so it's not all bad.  I can't wait to get up, get coffee, and get back in bed to read a book.  All morning if I choose.  I can't wait to put the bookbags away and not look at them for a time.  I can't wait to go grocery shopping on a Monday and be out of all the good stuff by Tuesday morning.  Wait. #locusts

Three More School Lunches of this school year.

My Cats Hate Me

I'm not a cat person.  There, I said it.  I've loved dogs since forever and we had two dogs before we had two kids.  (Side note: that does not mean my dogs are as or more important than my kids.  Dogs are sweet, but kids are human)  My oldest boy, however, he's a crazy cat lady.

Fast forward to a spontaneous road trip to North Carolina, 17 hours of driving and my son (who had just learned to read) saw a cardboard sign "Kittens- Free to a good Home or they go to a KILL SHELTER".  Classy.

We ended up driving two kittens home with us that day.  And while I am not a cat person, they are awful cute and fluffy.  They are friendly and patient.  They always nap as mirror images, seriously, all the time.  They both LOVE my children and the gray one has a mad love affair with my husband.  But they don't really care for me.  The gray one loves me at night when he sleep on my feet, the orange one ONLY loves the boy that saved her from the kill shelter.

EXCEPT WHEN I'M WORKING!!!!!!  Insert orange, long-haired fluffy pest into my nostrils and all across my keyboard.  Purring, batting, prancing.  It's super fun to work with Keje...

I Am So Busy Because I Love to be Lazy

Did you know that's the trick?  Just crush your to-do list so you're above reproach when someone sees you lounging around when they are still busy at work.  

Do I love doing chores every morning?  No!  (ok, secretly, a little bit yes.  I'm such a weirdo-yay Norwex!).  But I ALWAYS love doing nothing.  A whole fat lot of nothing.  Some people feel twitchy if they aren't always moving.  Not me.  (That's also why I have to force myself to exercise so I don't look like Jabba the Hut, but that's a story for another day).

If you also like to be lazy, get s#!+ done right off the jump.  Make a to-do list.  Do it all.  Do it when you don't feel like doing a blessed thing.  Just do it.  I promise you, it takes longer to lament how much work you have to do than it takes to just get it done.  Seriously, it takes 5-10 minutes to put away a full load of laundry, but how long has yours been languishing and waiting for you to deal with it?  Or worse, did you fold it and put it on your dinner table, realize you can't eat there now, then the kids grabbed their clean clothes from the piles on the dinner table and make a huge mess on the floor, necessitating you to REwash those clothes?!  Yeah, it's 5-10 minutes well spent to get that crap in your drawers.  The drawers you chose from a store for that purpose.  Remember?

Listen, it's about progress, not perfection.  What I'M saying is that if you used that 10 minutes to put the clothes away, it would clean your laundry room, your dining table, AND your bedroom.  Boom.  You're welcome!  

Can You Imagine Looking at a Cloth and Seeing the Future?!

Debbie Bolton is immortalized on the internet as the woman who paid for a small child's airplane ticket anonymously.

But before she changed that little girl's life, she changed mine by looking at a cloth and seeing a direct sales business that would change everything in my home.  Can you imagine seeing a limp rag from under your friend's sink and knowing that this cloth would change the future?!  

Debbie is a true visionary and her vision has been coming to fruition for the past two decades, hitting its stride in the last three years (coincidence that I started shortly before that?  I think not).

What I love more than the ability to shape the future, is the fact that Debbie is a real, live person.  Who genuinely cares about all (ALL) the consultants in the entire company.  {{Just try to bring a baby to a Norwex event and not share the baby with Debbie.  Impossible.}}

Today I want to thank Debbie Bolton for being brave enough to step out in the face of her dreams and work dilligently, tirelessly, industriously, and beautifully (yeah, she loves sparkles!) for 20+ years so my kids can have mom home AND still have a funded college account.  Her sacrifice means I don't have to sacrifice my plans!

Thanks, Debbie!

Transformation Tuesday

I keep a tidy home.  Not like a hospital sanitized home, but a tidy one.  With two kids, two dogs, two long-haired cats and a goldfish it requires constant attention.  Our house has guests over nearly every day and I like it to be welcoming so I do certain things every day to make sure it doesn't get away from me.  With so many of my friends telling me they need a schedule, I present for your use, MY schedule...but broken down so as to be easy to accomplish.

For the next week I challenge you to do my daily tasks:

1. Start a load of laundry first thing in the morning.  Yes, before you pee.  Before you pour coffee.  Think of it as a race, run fast, start the dang thing, and then do something you'd rather.  Like scrolling facebook.

2. Drink coffee, watch a youtube video, bask in your morning ritual for 20ish minutes.

3. Make kids breakfast.  Grab the Norwex dry mop pad and run it over all the floors, grab the insane amount of cat and dog hair.

4. Make your bed.  I know you don't want to make your bed.  Do it anyway.  Make the kids make their beds too.  It's good for them.

5. Put the wet mop pad on and add a couple drops of Norwex Energizing essential oil to your wet pad if you want to instantly fragrance the whole house (I also like soothing on the pillowcases occasionally).  Mop the floors.  It'll take 5 minutes.  Yes, seriously.

6. Load the dishwasher.

7. Run a wet envirocloth over all the counters.

8. Put the laundry in the dryer or hang it.

BASK IN THE GLOW OF YOUR CLEAN HOUSE AFTER ONE HOUR!  Congratulate yourself with a mimosa after you drop the kids off.  <3


The aftermath of and the cat who makes the mess.

The aftermath of and the cat who makes the mess.

Stay at Home Mom Win!

There are weeks and weeks where nothing substantially cool happens in my life, and then there are weeks like last week where it was really just one adventure to another.  Chaperoning a field trip nearly every day.

I love that my kids will have all these memories of the things Mom did with them.  The little trinkets I let them get at the souvenir kiosks and swear them to secrecy so as to not make their brother jealous.  And the whispered conversation I had with their brother that morning telling him he can have pizza for lunch and I packed a cookie for his snack, but don't tell your brother because it's a special treat just for you.

Bad for their emotional well being that they each think they are the favorite?  Ah well, I'm sure we'll all need therapy later anyway.  May as well be because they think I love them the most.

You Don't Have to Go to Church

Oh but when I do.

I think that Christianity is a whole life kind of project.  People should feel God and Love through everything you do and say, not because you show up in a building with other people.  I can't say I always do that, show God and Love through my actions OR show up in a building with other people.

When the one fails though, the other helps recharge the battery.  I stay away so long sometimes that I forget that the battery is even running low.  Can anyone relate to that?  I get so used to feeling like I don't need church that I actually start believing I don't.

Oh but when I go.  The singing.  The praying.  The laughing (yeah, we laugh in my church.  Get woke.) I leave feeling like maybe I can radiate Love and God.  Even to the people who don't deserve it.  Especially to the people who don't deserve it.  Like the woman who said something snarky about me to her mother while I was walking by and I still don't know wth it was, like, do you have a problem with my yoga pants?  Because they have been with me a lot longer than you ever would have...  You don't need to go to church, but I do!